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Training Centers and Flight Schools

Up to 70% of the time in a face-to-face class is spent resolving conceptual doubts of students that could have been resolved prior to the class.

Our material makes face-to-face classes smoother and more concise. Students will come to the classroom more familiar with aviation-related topics, general subjects, aircraft systems, and procedures.

Thus, the instructor can focus on delivering more practical face-to-face classes.


Your Training Center, Our Training Material.

By registering your training center on our platform, you and your students will receive benefits in pricing and special subscription periods. Allow us to revolutionize your training method and achieve better results in less time.



Allow us to assist you in implementing our method, training your instructors, enrolling your students, and making your classes smoother. We will take care of sending you regular progress reports that will help you optimize your time in the air.


Our periodic reporting system includes metrics that help measure the overall performance of a group and also the generation of a specific profile for each student. It will be possible to identify students' course attendance times, entry time, exit time, study time, total time in platform, score, module completion status, last activity, registration date, and number of enrolled courses.

Assigned administrators will be able to generate scheduled or customized reports using charts and downloading general course statistics. The overall performance and metrics will also be analyzed by our team to assist in taking necessary actions when needed.

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